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Practical Steps To Achieve 100% WordPress Site Speed [Part 2]

A lot could be affecting you WordPress Site Speed. Most of this are within your reach and here’s how to fix these issues.

Here’s a fact to get started; for every second that your WordPress site takes to load, your conversions are decreased by 7%!

From the first part of this series on having a 100% speed score on your WordPress site, we’ve emphasized the importance of speed to your desire for better ranking. There’s a significant emphasis on hosting in the first part of the series.

Here’s the shocker anyways; 

Despite having an excellent WordPress specific hosting on your side, you can still experience a lackluster WordPress site speed. Before switching your hosting to a WordPress specific host, test your website speed with either or all of the following; 

The aim of this blog post is how you can be 100/100 on either of the above speed testing options. Aside from the hosting, the other areas to help improve your website speed will be the themes, plugins, images, and other resources. 

Does Theme Affect WordPress Site Speed?

The reality is that; a well-coded WordPress theme has a significant impact on WordPress site speed when compared to a poorly coded one. The thing is that it’s not that there could be a massive difference in the page speed of different themes, as the result could be scientific. 

What affects WordPress site speed is the number of images that these sites have to display. While your hosting has an enormous impact on WordPress site speed, themes could slow down the speed. 

In all, when choosing a theme for your WordPress site, ensure it’s well optimized, clean, and without much bloatware. 

The Rate at Which Plugins Slow Down WordPress Site Speed

For every plugin added to your WordPress site, it will require additional resources to function. 


When a plugin is installed, additional scripts and stylesheets are added to your WordPress site. All of these combined create additional HTTP requests and pressure on your databases. In essence, for every additional plugin you add to your WordPress site, you are slowing down the site speed. 

This is why you need to do a Plugin audit, ensure you are left with only WordPress plugins that are useful to your daily activities. Else, you will be putting to waste valuable server resources.  

Before you carry out the audit, know that the functionality of a WordPress plugin is in relation to the speed. The right tool to use is P3Profiler; it will give you a clue on which of your plugin is slowing down your speed. 

After using P3Profiler, you should do away with Plugins that affects your speed and choose a replacement that does it better. 

Before you choose any plugin, ensure that it’s well coded. If you don’t have any coding knowledge, check if the plugin has excellent reviews and are recommended by trusted and reliable sources. 

Optimizing Images For WordPress Site Speed

You maybe like most website owners who pick an image and edit it using a random editor. To them, they subject it to the compression of WordPress. Truly, WordPress does the compression but does a lousy job at it. 

That’s why too many images on WordPress site are more significant than the required. It’s not just the images uploaded, but also the images from the themes. Depending on the size of your WordPress site, optimizing images could take between 45 minutes to 2 hours. 

The idea of optimizing images is for just a purpose; speeding up your WordPress site. Here’s a quick tip for image optimization; 

  • Choose the right file types
  • Remember to resize every image
  • Keep your images on a CDN server

Final Thoughts on Achieving a 100/100 Speed

While the year is still young, take charge of speeding up your WordPress site speed. The combination of your efforts will lead to better performance. With a faster WordPress site, you’ll stand a chance of ranking on search engines. 

Always keep in mind and review how and what you’re doing to improve WordPress Site speed in 2020. Reach out to us.