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Top 5 WordPress SEO Plugins For Your Site

Interested in ranking your WordPress site, you’ll need WordPress SEO Plugins. These 5 WordPress SEO Plugins are a good place to start.

Even if there are other sources of traffic, none compares to the amount and the quality of traffic from Search Engines. Hence, the need for WordPress SEO Plugins.

Whether you’re making your own website using WordPress or you’re a web design agency that makes custom WordPress sites for clients, you’re going to want to know about WordPress plugins.

So it would be to your best interest to do whatever takes to take advantage of this “organic” traffic. 

SEO should not be approached with kids’ gloves; you need the right tools. In addition to these tools, and a good knowledge of how to use these tools, you will be on your way to rank high on search results. 

Now it’s not enough to only find a suitable host for your WordPress site; you also need to pitch your tent with an efficient set of WordPress SEO plugins. This is why this article will be looking at 5 WordPress SEO plugins from the perspective of their features, strengths, and weaknesses. 

1. Yoast SEO – The King of WordPress SEO Plugins

With 82 Million downloads and growing, Yoast is the king of WordPress SEO Plugin, and that’s what we are using on 

The beautiful interface, regular update, and the ease of use make it the darling of WordPress users. That’s not all; Yoast has a thriving community of users on its website where you can learn about SEO. It also offers SEO courses for all levels of users. 

Yoast helps you in optimizing your keywords and gives you a clue as to how you can improve your ranking through your meta description and titles. 

You will also be informed if you have duplicate content. The readability check of Yoast also places you on the right side of SEO. 

2. All In One SEO Pack – Best For Multi-site Usage

Trailing Yoast both in features and number of users is the All in One SEO Pack. Paying for the premium feature of this WordPress SEO plugin is like saving for the future. 

If you run an eCommerce store with your WordPress site, the WooCommerce support of this plugin is a must use. Did you also know that your sitemap is automatically sent to Google and Bing. 

Even though you can edit the meta tags manually, they are automatically generated. If your content is not in English, then it will be part of the 57 languages the plugin is translated to. 

If you run a single site, go with Yoast, if you have multiple websites, All in One SEO Pack is what you need. 

3. Broken Link Checker Plugin – Improved User Experience.

It will get to a point in your content creation, and you’ll find it difficult keeping up with the content. 

When you get there, don’t panic. Just get a tool like Broken Link Checker Plugin. It will save you the hassles of broken links and missing images. The idea is never to have an alert of any mishap about your WordPress site. 

The Broken Link Checker plugin keeps a close eye on your site. With an eagle eye in place, you focus on creating excellent content for your audience. 

Broken Link Checker is saving you from the hammer of Google and also improved user experience. 

While broken links are bad for your SEO, there are other issues that can caused by not using WordPress security plugins.

4. W3 Total Cache Plugin – The Need For Speed. 

This plugin pays attention to the speed of your WordPress site. Google has never been hideous about page speed as a ranking criterion. So make sure to learn about page speed optimization for SEO.

On the official download page of W3 Total Cache, it’s stated that there will be 10x overall site performance if fully configured. 

Now, are you still wondering if the plugin can do anything special to your WordPress site? You will love what you see after you install it. 

The caching of pages and post and the minimizing of 3rd party Javascript are few of the features of the W3 Total Cache Plugin. 

5. WPtouch Mobile Plugin – Creating a Mobile Friendly Interface. 

Google is focusing attention on mobile users than ever before, and you should too, with your WordPress site. If your website cannot be considered as mobile-friendly, expect a negative ranking. 

WPtouch Mobile Plugin is about saving you time, money, and resources. You won’t need to hire a developer to optimize for mobile users, no need to alter any code to make changes. 

Just install and expect the plugin to customize a mobile appearance for your WordPress website. 

Final Thought

Do a search on WordPress plugins, and you’ll see a good number are focused on SEO. 

You should not turn your WordPress site to a testing ground. There’s no room for trial and error for WordPress SEO Plugins. 

Just stick with these five WordPress SEO Plugins at your disposal.